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For Your Garden...
Available in Store Location Only

                    Here's a peek at just a few of our roses for 2000.  Most will be available late
Feb. to early March bareroot, or mid-March in containers. 
Please call or e-mail for additional information.


Diana, Princess of Wales:
    a classic hybrid tea with outstanding character and form.  Has ivory petals overlaid with a clear pink blush and is sweetly fragrant.  Grows to about 5 1/2 '.


    attractive bushy floribunda with long lasting yellow color and glossy deep green leaves.  Good disease resistance and strong sweet fragrance.


Florance Delattre:
    lovely lavender shrub rose from Roseraie Guillot in France.  Blooms repeatedly with clusters of gray-violet blooms and scent is strong and spicy.  Grows to 5' high and 4' wide.

Irene Watts:
    superb china rose producing silken blooms of soft apricot that age to buff white.  Repeat bloomer with sweet fragrance.

Wild Spice:
    rugosa hybrid with ruffled snowy white single blooms.  Intense clove fragrance and produces a display of showy hips in autumn.  Carefree, great for hedges and performs well in coastal climates. Grows to 3 1/2' by 3 '.

    medium sized upright and bushy floribunda with large ruffled red flowers.  Deep green foliage enhances showy blossoms.
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